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Svetlana Yakovleva - psychologist, visionary, regressologist, professional artist, Member of the Union of Artists, writer, art therapist.

Svetlana for the past 10 years, having a visionary and telepathic channels of communication with the Subtle World, and with His help, helps people to understand their problems.

Today, many of us are aware of the transition to a higher dimension. But, there is a feeling that we ran into a wall, and we lack imagination. How to imagine it, or how to see it, that is, to look beyond the line of three-dimensionality ... we can’t do it anyway ... As a result, there is no movement forward, but it turns out that we can do well only what we are used to doing, and this, alas , only combinatorics of the concepts of the third dimension. But the desire to do something further with interest ... is, but what, many do not understand. It is only clear that the old way to work, and do not want to live. And as a result, we do not see a way out and, as it were, are reset to zero. But there is a solution ... for this, we need to move to the next dimension ... from linear thinking to multidimensional ...

Having learned to get in touch with her subconscious, Higher Self, Svetlana has the ability to receive information not only through a visual channel, but also through a telepathic one. The result of this work was the first book “Alphabet with pictures for adults and not only” . The book is intended for those people who want to understand themselves, for those who want to KNOW, UNDERSTAND and CREATE their own life.

At the author training course Svetlana Yakovleva “New Multidimensional Drawing. Opening of the visionary channel " a person opens a visionary channel of communication with the Subtle World, with his Soul, with Mentors. This means that a person can receive answers to their questions in the form of pictures, images. The method allows you to learn not only to see these answers-pictures, but also to fix them and understand their conditional, symbolic language ...

Svetlana conducts individual work on request "Search for your invocation».

This format of work is available both in person and remotely.

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